self portrait tuesday {time}

the earring chronicles or a week in the life of my ear lobes.
i have scads of earrings...its what i seek out on vacations or
what i treat myself to after a job well done or even a particularly
unpleasant experience...its just my thing...earbobs.
it is just one of many choices i make everyday,and though
i have alot to choose from,i lean toward the same pairs,the all
time favorites.
the teeny silver hoops that i attach beach glassy "cheerios" to,
the vinyl record discs by laura beamer,
the two toned oval hoops by hilary druxman,
the found object & millinery flower wires by jill schwartz
or the long,dangly button earrings by kate valleroy.
all important daily decisions..just thought you should know.



kelly rae said...

love this. like you, i have many pairs, but always seem to put on the same your work, by the way.

Violetswalk said...

Denise, What a fantastic, fun idea! You rock!!!!
Kelly F.

JUST ME said...

Love your earbobs..... I love earings as well the more they dangle the better.....


lindaharre said...

GREAT self-portrait! Clever girl as always..........~L.

la vie en rose said...

what a great idea!!! i love earrings but alway forget to put them on. my grandmother calls them earscrews...heehee

tiffinix said...

Oh Yeah I can finally leave a comment! Dang blogger server errors! This is wonderful! Fantastic - oh the black and white. . .YUM! What great taste in earrings as well! Very cool!!

Kim Carney said...

that is good, and very original take on time, great!