wow. no day but today....
rent was a powerful musical.
it left alot to think about,
alot to cry about...alot of
living and caring cramed
into that 2.5 hours to ponder.

before the matinee,
hannah,jessie,kate and i
grabbed theee most delectable
greek salad in town then popped
into the contemporary art museum
to effectively kill a little bit of time! a
very cool exhibit there will be coming
down soon...each piece is made up of
speakers...woofers & tweeters.pretty
amazing,everything is art!

p.s. fun,fun gift shop that features some
of kate's fabulous jewelry!


kelly said...

great links! i saw you on tv the other morning. i was so excited. i made my husband come and watch.
i also saw kate the other day too.
i recognized her sculpture on her site. you look like you have some very creative friends surrounding you, a very lucky girl!

la vie en rose said...

so glad to hear you had a good time.

Tatterededge said...

I love the very first song about minutes. It's fab! I *SO* want the soundtrack!!

sf said...

Hey Sweetie!
Just curious. . .
I really want to see the movie at least.
Colin refused to go with me when it was here -
he said it was gonna be too cheesy.
Should I (haha) rent it?!
sign me,
a cheese lover

firstborn studio said...

hey sarah,
for sure see the movie....but most important invest in the time to watch the bonus disc BEFORE the movie documenting jonathan larson,the creator of rent,it is an amazing though heartbreaking but hopeful story that will only add wonderful texture to the experience!
not cheesy imho!