studio friday...old,new,borrowed & blue

something old: my moms treasured wiss pinking shears,
as a kid i remember her guarding these things with her very life,
wondering just what all the fuss was i know,just a few years
ago my mom gifted me with these ages old mighty,weighty workhorse
shears and i now protect them as though my life depended on it! thanks,ma!

something new: this week,something new is this precious gloria & debbie
rubberstamp,with their parasols...too cute!

something borrowed: yards and yards of this knitting tape
from corey. i am gonna borrow this for a long time! it has a really
great texture and is made out of %100 rayon,which takes dye realllly well!

something blue: something treasured always. my collection of
edgar a. guest poetry books.these are also something old...copyright 1924.
i adore this man's simplistic,folksy,no nonsense view of life.

thanks andrea & studio friday!


JUST ME said...


Your great..... I enjoy your blog and all your great posts....



I am digging the little girl stamp...

heidi said...

great pic! great stamp especially! love it!

happy friday!


andea said...

Awww your so very welcome. I love each little item you posted and the stories behind them. Mom shears rock though!

tempestdelfuego said...

The shears are fantastic. My mum has shears that we're STILL not allowed to go near! :)
The stamp is darling. Nice post!

la vie en rose said...

i find it so touching that you are now the protector of the pinking shears. what a special tradition.

kate_always said...

This is a sweet combination!

Maggie said...

What a treasure you have.

Ellen said...

Denise, these are such wonderful things......what great treasures you have!

niki said...

You've reminded me of MY mothers old pair of pinking shears.. I so loved to play with them. They were fantastic.
Your new rubber stamp is really sweet, adn I am curious about that book, looks cool!

Hanna said...

My mom has scissors just like those, if you say they are so good... I might just have to try stealing them... or ask for them? hehe. Beautiful cover of that book too!