inner urban exploration

my dear daughter. her pentax. me tagging along on her urban
exploration of the st.charles riverfront.

inner exploration:
it has been a rough two years in the life of this teenager...
two years that i am now well aware of. for me,it has been
a rough almost two months coming to terms with how i can
make it all better for her. i cannot make it all better for her,but i
can and will be there to walk with her through the black hole
that she has found herself in. a one day at a time proposition.
a commitment,a choice. right now she comes first. and there is
light at the end of that tunnel.....she sees it, i know its there, so
we keep walking.

just thought you should know.


Ellen said...

The absolute best and most important thing you can do for your daughter is to walk with her, to be her support and one of her partners on her journey. She is a lovely young woman, and you are a great mom!

Thanks for sharing........

Kim Carney said...

that is beautiful. I am just entering same. And wanting to make it better is such a strong, make it all right is motherly urge. Really beautiful.

Artist in Progress said...

God bless you both and keep you tight within the circle of His love and strength. Walk with your heads high.

Contessa Kris said...

I don't know you but through your blog of wonderful words, but I wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you and your dd. Slow steps and having a mom that cares is going to do wonders.

JUST ME said...


I don't know what to say, but I will pray for both of you and one thing I do know is that it is important to talk and to love each other through the thick and the thin..... I wish I had a mom as understanding as you.... My mom is great, but we didn't click until I left home and got married....

I will keep you in my prayers,

love, angelica

Deb said...

Well, if it would help, tell your daughter that my son is walking along that same road. Sometimes he lets me "hold his hand" to guide him, and other times he wants absolutely no contact, mentally or physically, with me. I remember thinking I could hardly wait until he became a teenager, so I could REALLY talk to him, and half of the time he does not want to hear a word I have to say.
I just think it is important to never give up on talking and "walking the walk," no matter how hard it may be.
Bless you both.


heidi said...

thanks for opening up about this, denise. i am moved and touched by what you wrote and hope only the best for you and your dear daughter.

kisses and even more hugs to you both,

la vie en rose said...

you're right, sometimes all we can do is sit with them and walk with them...

melanie said...

you've made an important realization -- you cannot make it better, and I'm sure as a mother that is a hard truth to accept -- but you are so right that you can in fact be there for her, with her -- which, believe me, will be a tremendous help to her.

wishing your daughter all the best!

liz elayne said...

this is beautiful. though i am not a mother yet, i worked with teenager girls at a boarding school for 5 years (as a dorm counselor - their parent away from home)...and just want to put this out there: you really get it. what she needs from you. you get it. bravo.