studio friday {practice makes perfect}

since getting my first sewing machine in october,i have
come a long way in putting my fear of the thing to rest....
because of practice. however,much more time and patience
are needed as i try to become one with the bobbin,i seek to
perfect my bobbin issues!

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heidi said...

if the play date we have in the works is at your home, i can give you a few pointers on the bobbin issues.

'til then, practice, practice, practice!


eloqui said...

May you and your bobbins be happy together!!!
A sweet entry! : )

la vie en rose said...

hehe! i'll just say i don't dare operate one of these things unless my grandmother is in the same room. she is my sewing machine savior.

Becky said...

bobbin issues! you crack me up!

Joy Eliz said...

What a great picture!!!

ntuart said...

steph got a sewing maching for christmas.....she has offered it for my use anytime.......i walk by her room and think hmmmm maybe today i will sit down at that beast and mom and steph are unbelievable with those machines......i guess the sewing gene skips a generation!

kelly said...

hmmm...the dreaded bobbin. i started sewing on my grandma's
singer. it was so much sturdier than my new sewing machine. i wore
her out! [the singer, not my grandma!]

erilyn said...

ah, yes, bobbin issues. i have those sometimes. as well as tension problems. i hope practice really odes make perfect.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I am trying to accomplish the same thing! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and can't figure out the bobbin. Ergh.

nancy said...

I did not know there were bobbin issues that had to be dealt with. Will it ever end.

ornamentea said...

Yes, I have a machine and have rarely had the patience/courage to use it. I know all about those "bobbin issues." (I think you have coined a new phrase.)
Best of luck!

JUST ME said...

I love your blog Denise. Your pictures are always so bright and artisitc.

I am sure that in no time you and your bobbin will live happily ever after.