fixation of the moment

this^ is why i am not getting any paint or glue on my
hands lately.
i have become addicted to ripping and burning compact
discs,my dear daughter set me in motion and now i can't
stop! when i was her age i would spend hours "making" cassette
tapes of favorite songs...i loved hearing how each of my chosen
tunes flowed into the was somehow a sountrack to my life.
an audio journal,so to speak.
well,what was once old~is new me! and having a rippin' good time!
i found these way great sticker covers at art mart the other day...who knew?


sf said...

YAY! Hey sweetie, does Art Mart have on-line ordering?
I didn't think they do, from what I could see from your link, but now I want to order some of these groovelicious CD stickers!

firstborn studio said...

heyya,these are just way great cd covers...tons of patterns to choose from.
i will pick up a set for you next time i am at art mart(i know how you like surprise gifts!) the mean time...check the company website,they only sell wholesale...creative underground needs these!oh yes and the company is out of boulder,colorado!

la vie en rose said...

how fun! when i was pregnant i wanted to put together a lullaby cd for my sweet one--and when i say lullaby i mean some jimi hendrix, some beatles, some elton john, ect. well, what started out as 1 cd turned into a collection of 7. so you see, i too know just how addicting it can be.

Stacie said...

I remember taping the radio by putting the cassette recorder up to the speakers! How sad is that!


steph said...

Sometimes it's good for the soul to get creative elsewhere for a while!! ;-)
hey- when I come to Red Lead in March, I want you to do some funky-hip effects to a photo of me/like you do yours!

JUST ME said...


Way cool...... Have fun!!!!!!!!!



Becky said...

Ii am the proud recipient of one of these ripped (!?) cds and it is the tops! as dick clark's friends would say-"I'd give it a ten!"
thanks again, Denise- I leeeerrrrvvveee it oh yeah and U! Hey, how the heck are ya?

becky said...

The Rickie Lee Jones CDs in your photo sure brought back a rush of memories! Had to laugh at Stacie's comment--I used to do the same thing, and would hate it when the DJ would talk over the end of a song! Or the beginning for that matter!