just yesterday...

the house is quiet at 8:50 am....i recall a time,not sooo long ago
when the kids would be nipping at my heals already,wild with
anticipation,i would fire up the vcr for one more showing of
"how the grinch stole Christmas" so i could sneak off to finish
wrapping their presents...then,much later,when it got dark enough,
we would pile in the car van to look at Christmas lights,come back
home to find that santa had magically been there,oh!the joy!....and so on
and so on and scoobydoobydooby.
i am so grateful for those times,but miss them terribly!


la vie en rose said...

ahhh, that made me teary. yes, i bet the peace and quite is nice at times but there are other times when you miss the wild rumpus.

Anonymous said...

so sweet...where does the time go???

stephmcatee said...

Isn't it amazing how fast time really does fly. I miss those days as well.... seriously. The little one-piece pj's/union suit where the bottom flap buttons closed! We put the boys in those every year.

Artist in Progress said...

How blessed you and Tom are with 3 beautiful kiddes who grew up to be just as handsome and pretty as their xmas pictures. Merry Christmas!

lindaharre said...

Denise, In reading your note about days gone by.....I too get sad, wondering where the time went sooooo fast! Aren't we lucky to have such rich memories? I feel so blessed when I am with my children! Happy New Year.
Linda Harre