the holidaze dear daughter

my crafty dd
yes it's true,h is a very creative budding photographer,she
is inspired by man ray & others,she has an amazing eye
for color and is a fearless artist,i am very proud of her...very.
when she was 6 years old we went on a family ski trip to lake
tahoe,while i sat on my fearful a,she was skiing black diamond
slopes with her big brothers and dad,taking a big sloppy bite
outta those mountains....a natural athlete,an inspiration. on that
same trip we visited the infamous town of truckee,while in a
glass blowers studio there,h created the beautiful blown glass
ornament you see silhouetting her face in the picture above....
the "lights" in the photo is our Christmas tree in motion, a cool
trick h showed me the other night...the photo of my dd i snapped
unawares, then layered them all together for a mini tribute to her!
i am feeling sappy,what can i say?! love ya!!!!! m


Becky said...

hannah! keep goin' with your photos (you have talent!) and don't let your mother in on all your tricks! ya gotta have some secrets, that is :-) happy hollydaze to U
Kelly's mom.

Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

Beautiful photo effect and dd :)

JUST ME said...

Denise your daughter looks just like you.........

Great picture keep up the great camera art!!!!!!!!!


kel said...

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephmcatee said...

wow! this image is as fab as yours!