spt/identity exploration

self portrait tuesday identity challenge.
i am a 48 year old sometimes bleeding woman,who still feels
like a girl,a mom of young adults,who still aches to hold the
babies they once were,a wife who contributes to the well being
and sometimes insanity of her husband of 24 years,i am a
firstborn daughter,sister,button collector,beach bum,artist,friend,
ferocious lover of books,music,comedy,nature,america,my cat,peace,
sobriety,honesty,candles,adhesives,paper & ink...i am a dependable
hard worker,a child of God and life survivor...one day at a time.


Becky said...


heidi said...

what a list! but you forgot one, "inspiration to everyone that meets you."


la vie en rose said...

beautiful you...i love the collage looking pic...

alex said...

This is beautiful

Tatterededge said...

Cool! I am going to do this too, minus the pic!

Artist in Progress said...

Great description of DMKL but you forgot that smile that keeps it all together.

MizCarla said...

Mwah dahling!!

I love and adore every little thing 'bout you.

rock on woman!