a favorite technique

a packing tape transfer....though tedious,
this technique produces cool results!
gather these supplies:
packing tape (the cheaper the better)
shallow dish for warm water
variety of images
bone folder
sanding block
uhu gluestick

take these steps:
1. Select picture. magazine pictures are
probably the very best because the paper is so
lightweight. glossy pictures don’t work as well
as matte ones. place tape over picture ,cut any
excess tape so none is hanging over the edge of
the picture.
2.burnish the tape to the picture so
there is a smooth solid bond.no air bubbles.
3.place picture in a bowl of room-temperature

water.wait up to 15 minutes.
the longer the soaking, the easier the paper can
be removed.
4. remove picture from water and place wrong side

up on freezer wrap protected surface. start to gently
rub to remove the paper. when all of the paper has
been removed, the picture will have transferred to
the tape and is now ready to be transferred to another
surface .
5. in some cases there will be enough adhesive
from the tape to allow it to adhere without further glue.
If not, use a glue stick as the adhesive. pictures can be
used to decorate stones,candles,collages,books etc.
remember, you will be dealing with a transparency
once the paper is removed, so the color of the item it is
transferred to will show through. also, if you select a
picture with a lot of white in it, you will usually not know
ahead of time if the white in the picture is the white of
the paper it is printed on or white ink. If it is white ink,
it will transfer. if it is the white of the paper, it will be
removed when you remove the paper !
6. to remove any shine from the up facing side,scuff
with sanding block.
leave me a comment with your results!


ntuart said...

Hey there Denise! You have inspired me once again! I am going to give this a try this weekend! I'll let you know how it goes!

Lostechild said...

Hi Denise!

Did you know that you can do the packing tape transfers on laser copies? It only takes a few seconds for the paper to start to come off!

Once in awhile I remember to check your blog! I LOVE your art!!!

Karenann Young