my happy place

the closet
i really enjoy it when folks share their play spaces on their
various web sites and such.i thought since i have this new
camera that i am getting aquainted with,i would shoot a
few shots of my studio to share with you! it is a nice mix
of organized clutter and in these shots it is actually clean!
i love my old dresser,the deep drawers hold large sheets of
paper and the top three drawers are home to all of my
adhesives and paper punches.
the computer wall with all of its unsitely wires is seen
below next to my scanner and printer sitting on top of my
embellishment drawers...good stuff in those!
then my favorite art old library table
my dh bought me for a birthday one year! all of the windows
hanging on the walls are from construction jobs tom has been
on..i love them.
just thought you should know! thanks for looking!

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