an epic undertaking

for months now i have been completely smitten with my iphone hipstamatic app.
shooting blindly at my cat and marveling at the lo-fi goodness i am rewarded with.
the possibilities of this app are seemingly limitless,but the tireless folks at photojojo have put together the ultimate hipstamatic guide and using every available combination of lens,film and flash have managed to capture them all! thanking-you photojojo for doing for me what i wouldn't have done for myself!

Lens: Bettie XL
Film: Ina's 1969
Flash: Off

my hipstamatic album


me again said...

I love my iPhone too, especially the Hipstamatic app! I also like CameraBag and am enamoured with the Lo-Mob many choices!

Amy said...

Hi Denise! I just got my iphone about 2 weeks ago and thanks to your blog, I got the hipstamatic app right away. I love it! Thanks for the link, that will be helpful. Have you gotten some of your pics printed out? If so, do you have a place that you recommend?

Joy Logan said...

I think I am too old to learn another machine,lol,good for you...whats an app?

Lisa H said...
I tried doing this myself and keeled over from exhaustion.
THANK YOU for this amazing tip.

Go have a look at the "Photo Tropedelic" ap too.

ABIGAIL NY said...

Are those pictures yours, 'cause they are pretty good!!