heart & soul.short & sweet

while getting to know my favorite new toy (borrowed from my friend,pat) and inspired to think outside the box by photojojo! the book (which i do not own just yet) i came up with an idea to frame a chosen photo...using the spent cartridge..sweet...i heart this idea and all who feed my crafty soul!


me again said...

Very cool idea...and that photo......? Great! :-)

Gina said...

{love} that!

nancy said...

love it,
it brings back memories of my
poliroid day lab
and not know what to do with the cartridges

pat said...

whoa denise, very cool!!!!

Lisa Hoffman said...

Love the frame!
Love the site (new to me)!
Love the camera (my Christmas gift)!
thank you for steering me in the direction of the book too!
Get out here and I'll snap yo' pix....