don't you just love her?
she is my favorite modern day poet.

just wanted you to know.

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Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

YES YES YES YES YES!! I have been in love with Tracy for a long, long time. When I describe her to someone, I always say "She's a poet who sings." Her work moves me and she doesn't sound like anyone else on the planet. I love that about her.

We went to the last concert she played in Vancouver which was some time ago. The night before, she was at an outdoor venue (the Gorge, in WA) and got really sick.

WHen she played in Vancovuer, she barely had a voice when she talked, but when she sang-WOW!! My husband, who was hearing her for the first time said "WOW! If she has this kind of a voice sick like she is, I can't imagine how amazing it must be when she is well." He fell in love with her right then and there too.

Another thing I love about her is that she can strip down the music so it's just her and an acostic guitar or six string strum stick and sign and it seems so right that he voice carries the music. She does not need a back up band.

So yeah, I totally get what you mean and I am right with you on that one. I adore her. She's exceptional.