early shopping

i have been woefully neglectful in all things to do with my beloved little blog.
i will make an effort to commit to at least one new post a week,so here goes...

i bought my first Christmas present of the season over the weekend.
todd oldham's shinyhappy big book of charley harper's life in illustration
charley harper: an illustrated life
this is a gift of course for my coffee table. what?
anyway,i have always been drawn to charley harper's illustrations,before i knew the name of the person behind the drawings i remember seeing his work in a cookbook that my mom used when i was little...i tried to mimic him,i would rather draw than cook!

i can cross my coffee table off of my list now.

charley harper 1922-2007


Anonymous said...

I love that! A present for your coffee table. Presents for my bookshelves are all taken care of, then!

p.s. the verification word is "botions." It made me chuckle. (Yes, I know that I'm weird.)


Jessie Beine! said...

I LOVE the website and the fact that you blog! You are absolutely incredible at what you do and a complete inspiration :) I miss youu and I hope all is well!

sf said...

Did your coffee table send you a REALLY nice thank you? i hope so.