reporting back

the laumeier sculpture park art fair 2009 was pure joy.
the weather was close to perfect and the atmosphere was a heady mix of glee and wonder.
my commentary on a few high points:
alison fox /alison has agreed to trade a piece of her amazing work for a truckful of desirable old sashes!
gena ollendieck / i own a handful of gena's fabulous books,and will be in attendance in her 3 day workshop in september in troy,illinois!
todd alexander /his work,particularly the toddler reaching from the playpen for something just out of reach...spoke to my soul.
jennifer falter / i am a ferocious collector of springfield pottery!

just a few highlights in my sweet mother's day i thought you should know!


sf said...

Omigosh, this must have been such a cool place to wander.

Efrat Dalton said...

I wish I could be there sound like fun!

Anonymous said...

I bought a gorgeous bowl with birdies on it from Springfield Pottery at the Shaw Art Fair last fall. I love it!

Ruth M