secret heart

a reflection of the pageant from the knitty couture window

"the secret is not in your hand or your eye or your voice, my aunt told me once. the secret is in your heart. of course, she said, knowing that doesn't make it any easier.-the story people

i have potent,fond memories of taking an old box,of which i chose carefully (as size was everything,it had to hold imagined loads of valentines!),gathering
tin foil,construction paper scraps,doilies & newspaper then spending hours designing and crafting that box to the nth degree.

love was so much simpler then.


me again said...

Denise, I too remember the valentines-day-box creation. How long ago that seems. How long ago it WAS! my current issue of Artful Blogging today and just had to let you know how terrific it is to see you in it!!! I think it's my favourite issue of that mag so far :-)

Knitty said...

Thanks for taking such a beautiful picture.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Thanks for the quote. It was so appropriate for my day. xo