urban nomad

this image was taken by
genz in Thailand using a Lomo LC-A.

"On the road.
And off the road.
In the air and on the sea.
Underground, round the block, over the hills, and far away.
Whether you’re traveling to the ends of the Earth or the end of the block, we want to see an analog photographic documentary of your comings and goings – and a lot of solid reasons for why the hell you left your doorstep in the first place."

hey! thanks to my friend fran for the head's up on this adventure!
so much fun and inspiration here,a great way to spend a rainy morning!

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Anil P said...

Can identify with the 'Urban Nomad' :)

nancy said...

Hey 'Denise, so cool, I was just at Urban Outfitters last weekend and was amazed with all the "toy camera" stuff! I added to my collection. Just waiting to the prints to be developed!!thanks for the link and keeping me in the LOOP!Nancy

Lisa Purcell said...

He is so cute. Love the work. I think he knows he is being captured on film.