typesetting as wall art

more images from my trip this summer to the city museum.
this is a small portion of a wall covered in wood and metal
type and images used in letterpress.
so fascinating and visually pleasing!

i found this blog recently and have enjoyed
post upon post dedicated to the history of
type and letterform.

type t,spiffy!
an etsy type purchase!
what type suits you?
leave a comment here,and maybe a link to a favo type place!


MB Shaw said...

I want a wall like that in my house. It is so totally cool.

me again said...

I didn't call myself Alphabet Soup Studio for nothing .... I love love love letters, fonts, words, etc. I'm a font freak :-)
Here's my link, definitely worth checking out:

Erika Tysse said...

Love your blog with the fabulous photos and witty commentary. Therefore, I have the feeling that I want to know more, more I tell you! So, lucky you...

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Kim Carney said...

I would love to see your wall of type!