my giveaway winner is......

me again!!!!!
please e-mail me {}
your address and i will send this bundle out asap!

thank-you kindly to everyone who left comments and
sweet words, they put a big old smile on my face...that
is always a good thing!

i have added 4 petite paste paper bundles to my etsy shop
for anyone who may want to add a splash of flash to a

and thanks again!


me again said...

Well, how exciting is THIS!?! A wonderful surprise! Denise, I've just emailed you. Thank you so much; I can't wait to get my hands on these gems! You're such a sweetheart for doing this!

me again said...

Denise, I got your message on my blog and I just sent the email. I seem to be getting your email just fine, but I know Yahoo is persnickety!
Thanks again!!