sweet friend catherine witherell
has bestowed this honor on me!
if you don't already know her and
her style of whimsically gorgeous
and other artful creations,
stop by and see what she is all about!

so i like catherines' thinking, to quote her:
" here are the instructions because now it is my turn
to do the awarding.i am not going to send it to people
i have already seen awarded.i am going to pass this on
to some new addresses so that we can share the love
and popularity."

the rules are:
. post the above logo to your blog.
. link to the blogger you received it from.
. award at least 7 blogs.
. link to those blogs.
. leave those 7 bloggers a comment about
receiving the brilliant premio!

each of these bloggers are genuinely kind,talented
and fun women...each possessing a sassy soul,deserving
of this award and many more!

thanks catherine!


HappyDayArt! said...

xoxoxo Denise! Oh, and XO


nancy said...

Hey Denise, your so kind,
thank-you so much for awarding my blog. XOXO Nancy

JUST ME said...

thanks so much Denise for the award. I am honored that you awarded my dorky blog.... Thanks for believing in me always.

Love, Just ME angelica torrez

Artist in Progress said...

thank you so very much, art sister, i love the blog award!! but the best reward for me is your friendship i love you, too. now i will check out the others that you deemed worthy. thanks again.

me again said...

Wow, what a day I'm having! All thanks to you, you sweetie! You have given me this wonderful blog award AND your paste papers arrived in today's mail. I'm overwhelmed!

seth said...

Congrats Denise. A well deserved award. All 7 of your picks are new to me and I am on my way to see them all now.

cindy @ Me and My Art said...

Thanks so much for the fun award! I have complied with all the rules of the game... so take a look at www.meandmyart.blogspot.com for my nominees. xo cindy