beautiful boy

brody before....soooo much to love
brody after....still so doggone lovable

this is a shot of the precious pup on the
front stoop of rock paper scissors
taken with the holga and altered in
pse using my newest tools from

so much to learn,so little time in my day

que' sera' sera'
que' sera' sera'
whatever will be will be


Catherine Witherell said...


Thanks for all the links to digital coolness. I am going to try some of these. Your picture of that cute doggie is really good and I also like the one of the side of your head in the studio.


Joy Logan said...

We have alot of tunemakers in common Denise I was reviewing your list on the side! In fact I am going to see "the boss" in August,never saw him but went to Asbury Park the "stone pony" where he on occasion still pops in and plays. I love going to concerts still.