the roof at city museum {above photo d.lombardozzi,below photo david}

tom & i spent the day at the city museum a coupla days ago.
always a mind expanding experience,always something new to catch
your eye and tickle you electric pink.
the city museum {just one of the many grand destinations in st.louis}
is the happy,healthy,constantly growing baby of bob cassilly.
the latest installation is being tweeked for an opening sometime this month,
the roof at city museum promises to not disappoint,with its familiar teetering
school bus,giant insect and tons of st.louis architectural cast offs artfully engaged
high atop the jaw dropping building and playground below!
keep an eye on the progress here.

here is the rub,i took 172 photos on our trip there.soooooo i am going to share
a few with you here and there throughout the rest of this month,scattered about
and posted randomly,i hope that you will check in here to take a peek.
and if you are ever in my center of the universe,i hope that you will treat yourself
to a visit to this magical place!

just thought you should know!


nancy said...

Hey Denise, this place looks so cool and your photos as well. Hope your having a great summer, Nancy

Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

Very cooooool pics!!! Love David's pic of you taking pic of him too. I'm guessing you used your new color 35mm Holga for some of these?? What fun!
xo c

mary[fran]cesfoster. said...

jeez o pete. you're getting good with those cameras! if i could only figure out some tricks to that holga...
keep em comin! :D