"sometimes in full flight from reality"

hmmm "what does she mean?"
"you have to read the book" she said.

the dealio...i was tagged by sweet marie
to write the title to my own memoir
in return, the rules are as follows:

write the title to your own memoir using SIX {6} words.

post it on your blog.
link to the person that tagged you.
tag 5 more blogs.

i want to read your memoirs lisa , carol , deryn , kelly & jen


Catherine Witherell said...

Good title Denise. I am sitting here thinking of what I could call mine.


Deryn Mentock said...

Interesting challenge Denise! Love your title...

Artist in Progress said...

excellent tag, thanks. i will have to think of a good title, more to come, love ya, Carol

Kelly Feraro said...

hmmmmm...To bad "She Had One Foot Nailed To The Floor and The House Was on Fire" is waaay more than six words. I'll have to think on this! Thank you for the tag! And yes someday we will meet and it will be one of my favorite days of all time!

Violetswalk said...

I've got it! Check it out!
Big smiles,