these are a few of my photos taken the weekend of michelle bates
workshop a couple of months ago. i recently discovered the photomerge
tool in ps3 and thought that i would gather these 4 images to cast your
glance towards my friend cynthia...the tall,gorgeous brunette with the holga.

cynthia was on holiday last weekend and carried her toy camera with her,
see her wonderful results here

check out cynthia's new etsy shop
OH! and her too too faux talents...be prepared to ooooh & aaaahhhh!

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Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

WOW denise!!!! How cool is photomerge and YOU! I love that pic you took of me with my Holga during class. I am on a mission to get PS now and I just checked ebay...looks like great bargains (thx) I never think to look there! I just ordered the "Bent corners" Holga and cant wait to start experimenting. Yes, would love to gather equipment and go on a Holga field trip. What fun! Thanks for spotlighting my photos, et al. xoxo c