fav fair fare

may 9th thru 11th [mother's day weekend] one of my all time favorite art fair happens.
it takes place in a most magical place. a place where my kids ran their little legs off and explored in amazement and wonder amongst ginormous artful installations at the luscious laumeier sculpture park.
one of my most prized photos is of the 3 of them all sweaty and happy tucked into a huge grapevine nest that was at the park once...that was yesterday wasn't it? no? it was 1993...sheesh. annnnnyway.
hundreds of artists will be spread over the acres meeting,greeting and selling their fare. i will be there to support them in my own little way!
just a few of my personal favorites:

"bed bugs" joachim knill

"under the persian rug" dolan geiman

and if money were no object this piece by pam kehoe-peterson would be coming home with me!

"wearable book: ecclesiastes"

maybe i'll see you there...i'll be all sweaty & happy!

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mary[fran]cesfoster. said...

joachim knill--wow.
i hope i can make it to lovely laumeier for this...