studio growth

i get the feeling there will be no dinner or spit shined surfaces
from me for awhile.
i have jumped head first into my newest distraction,
photoshop elements....i have had it for some time and it was nipping
at my heals.i have been playing with it here and there...not really knowing
at all how to use it...then tony came by the other night and showed me a
thing or two...there in lies the "no cooking & cleaning" issue.
anyway ps elements coupled with this imac photobooth (another time gobbler)
and some really great and free brushes i have found have given me much food for play...
i will be sharing my creations here for awhile and hope that you will leave me a comment
about your relationships with photoshop,photobooth and brushes!
back to my new box of crayons.


Erika Tysse said...

Hello there! First, thank you, thank you! My Mom is leaving in a week with the new toy you sent. Can't wait! thanks!

I have PS Elements and use it all the time. For a self taught Photoshop user, this is pretty straight forward and much nicer than my old 5.0 version! However, I just got PS CS3 which seems to be so advanced, I will be ripe in my old age when I figure this out!

Can't wait to see what you produce. I will be watching!

[ƒranimal] said...

i emailed you login info for let me know if it didn't go through.

the jewelry! ahhh i can't stop.
they have an etsy...this could get dangerous.