why is this so fascinating ?


JUST ME said...


To tell you the truth I like this kind of mindless fun.... One day I swear while I am driving down highway 40 I can just see him running across the highway... hopefully I won't hit him with my car.

love, Angelica

Julie said...

The great mysteries of life. :) What intrigues me most about that photo is that it's caused numerous people to dedicate their lives to finding evidence that the creature exists. I've always wondered where our passions come from.

I saw a hit to my blog from yours so I thought I'd stop in and say 'hi!'. Hi! Love your blog. Off to explore it a bit.

Take care!

Michel said...

Thanks for posting this. I've seen it many times on television and could look at it many more. It still makes me wonder. Love the part when "he" turns and looks at the camera.