denise lombardozzi " i call this tree " 10.07

michelle bates "shadow & sky"

the foundry art centre
March 28, 2008 – May 9, 2008
Reception, Friday, March 28: 6-9 p.m.
Unrefined Light: Image-Making with Plastic Cameras and their Friends
"This juried exhibit is open to all two- and three-dimensional artwork that incorporates the sometimes surreal, quirky images created by plastic cameras, homemade or commercial pinhole devices, Lensbabies, Holgaroids, and all similar "toy" camera manifestations. Artists in every genre are encouraged to think "outside the box" of their primary medium and join in this exploration of the Magic of Plastic." Juror Michelle Bates.
Michelle has been a passionate photographer since she was young, and learned her way around a camera in 1991 at the Maine Photographic Workshops, where she first discovered the Holga. Michelle's book, "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity" was published in late 2006 by Focal Press."

i am verrry excited about this upcoming show and workshop that michelle will be teaching at the foundry art centre here in st. charles, mo. pat,fran & tony if you are reading this we should make a weekend of it and soak it all in! let me know! d

this is a picture of a bookstore window that i snapped one day in october,when i took my new toy camera on its maiden voyage.this store is located on a street in a very bohemian part of town so i knew that no
matter what,i would have no shortage of subjects & scenes to shoot,so shoot i did.out of the 16 shots i was going to take,i knew some would be "iffy" given the nature of the camera and the amateur.one must always remember to take the lens cap off...that is rule #1,you live,you learn(i have since tossed the lens) so out of those 16 shots,i got 5 photos...but those 5 are darn good if i do say so myself!there were not as many light leaks as i was hoping for,but the vignetting(darkness & distortion around the edges)was very satisfying!my favorite feature on this camera is the ability to take multiple exposures..."one of the most beloved features of the holga.as the advance wheel is not controlled,it's easy to take as many exposures as you like in one single frame. take as many exposures as you like in one single frame!!!!!!! each click of the shutter lever will yield one additional exposure." low tech cool.

the pictures here are exactly how they came to me,no fixing or altering,(except for the quote i added on the bookshop window)just good old raw photography! i happen to know that angela & sarah are lomo lovers...anybody else out there?

my goal is to spend much more playtime with my plastic cameras and continue to be inspired by these noteworthy sites:
light leaks magazine
lomographic society
my toy camera gallery
toy camera
holga 120 cfn
action sampler
nancy rexroth
harvey stein

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