a well deserved illustrious honor



833 s. main st.
st.charles,mo. 63301

"If you think stationery is the purview of society mavens & harried brides,you really should get out more.Specifically,get out to Rock Paper Scissors,where you have the opportunity to acquire a fabulous new skill-and fabulous new stationery-every single week.This superbly stocked art store on St.Charles' quaint Main Street offers workshops each Saturday.Because absolutely no one should write letters on creepy Precious Moments cards(we're looking at you,Grandma),Rock Paper Scissors is doing more than just hosting classes;it's offering a public service.Rediscover the lost art of correspondence as you pen communiques on handmade cards and paper or jot down private thoughts in your own hand-bound journal(Pat Brewer).The teachers at Rock Paper Scissors also lead workshops on jewelry-making(Kate Valleroy),unconventional scrapbooking(Denise Lombardozzi),stamp-carving,paper-sculpting(Karyl Howard),clay creations(RPS shop owner,Corey Dankocsik) and more.Classes are affordable(typically $25 to $60,including supplies),expertly taught and just plain fun.Be sure to bring a little extra spendin' cash:You won't be able to resist Rock Paper Scissors' inventory of beautiful papers and art supplies."

a delightful review of my all time favorite,happyhappyjoyjoy place to be deeply affiliated with,a most well deserved recognition!it was a lovely saturday morning surprise to be perusing the riverfront times and find this tidbit!
job well done,corey!

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