strange folk gathering

creation is well underway for this event,
some of my pins will be made either completely
or in part using my trusty huskystar er10...i LOVE
this machine in a big way!
i will be putting together several packages of my
paste papers and other decorative painted papers that
i have made in the form of generous scraps,atc and inchie
blanks and my personal favorite "chunky" confetti....these
are fun....and limited in edition!
my newest moo cards have arrived and i am
excited about the many surprises i have in store!
check back here,i will try to post weekly with hints!
p.s how 'bout those nifty vintage camp bracelets?!

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Autumn Wiggins said...

Just happened upon you from Strange Folk site stats. Can't wait to see your stuff in person! Also, it is so funny... a couple months ago I gave into the urge to buy a bunch of boondoggle lace just for fun to make some old school keychains, but now I can't wait to try out making one of those bracelets!