"firstborn offspring" {s}crapz & whatever

varying sizes and electric colors will knock you
into a hella tight creative zone!
we are calling this the "firstborn offspring series"
created with reckless abandon and an eye toward
occupational therapy by hannah my 17 yr.old dd.
each 9x12 "{s}crapz" package is unique and has 10
scrapped pieces +5 little inchies. each 5x7 "WHATever"
package is jammed with over 50 strips in varying
lengths.paper is very heavyweight from the stockroom
of rock,paper,scissors
i will be selling these limited edition packages at
the strange folk festival but you can also order the
"WHATever" here and the {s}crapz here in my etsy shop...


pat said...

super cool scraps, hannah!!!i'm going to check them out at strange folk festival!!! p.

Joy Logan said...

HI Denise it's been so long. I have to find people I knew thru others blogs. Can I add your link in my blog,now that I found you again? Looks nice here!