1x1 specimens

i was one of nine artists in a 1x1 exchange
over a month or so ago that nancy connelly
the returns were(are) completely
wonderful,but there they sat in the cool take-out box
that they were presented in...i couldn't figure
out how to do them justice in a proper sort of display.
this week i spotted a specimen box that i think is just perfect!
thanks to these participating artists:
pat brewer
nancy connelly
pj dutton
john hammons
teresa holt
karyl howard
mary beth shaw
julie snidle


Anonymous said...

Great display...beautiful art from all!

Judy said...

I am so excited I have just found your blog. I adore your art work. The 1x1's are so divine, what a lovely idea. Ciao

Christelle said...

I’m blog-tagging you. I hope you don’t mind, but I picked my favorite blogs… so that’s you! For more info on what this means, and to play along visit my blog and read the most recent post.