not your average scrapbook book

just one of lisa's deliciously detailed offerings!

unmistakingly of her visual,textural treasures!

my stuffed box of pages...a few familiar characters!

my favorite,sweet sarah's girlfriends textbook....O'! so happy
to be included as a best friend,along with christi & efrat!thank~you,
s,for the major endorphin rush...that is your friendship!

other artist's included,to name just a few,are opie & linda o'brien,
claudine hellmuth,nicole mc conville & erikia ghumm.your bookshelves will
not be complete without this book!
many thanks to katherine duncan aimone!


nancy said...

Way to go girl..... Congratulations.

Looks like a great book. Really happy for and proud of you


ornamentea said...

That looks like a Fabulous book!!! I just added it to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for the tip!

Deryn Mentock said...

Congrats! It looks really great!

Sarah e. Smith said...

What a fabulous book! Congrats on being included...i'll be adding this one to my wishlist. So glad to see such good things are manifesting for are so creative :)

Artist in Progress said...

Congrats!! I didn't know you were going to be in this book, you are so creative and you deserve it all. I got to get to Amazon and get one. Will you autograph it for me some day? You go, girl

tiffinix said...

This book looks awesome! Very cool I love your layout. Black, white and red - yum!

steph said...

my first visual of this!!!!!!!!!! i love it

when did you get your copy? i haven't received mine.
ps (how the heck are you?- thanks for your comment on my blog ;-)

The Creative Underground at Timeless Creations said...
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Efrat said...

Congratulations girl...!
I Love your layout... it's beautiful like all your creations.
I'm so happy too that Sarah put us together chrisi as her friends. I can't wait to get the book.

firstborn studio said...

thank-you all,for the sweetkind comments!
i picked the book up at Rock,Paper,Scissors...the shop that i teach and work at,i have not yet received my copy from the publisher!It is a beautifully photographed will love what they have done!

firstborn studio said...
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Lisa Cook said...

Oh how fun to see some of the pages! I did not know it was available now! I hope we get our copies soon as it looks absolutely yummy and I can't wait to see all the details on your book. Cool beans! Thanks for sharing.


sarah the kiwigirl said...

I just ordered mine from Amazon looks like a fabulous book can't wait for it to get over here in New Zealand!

firstborn studio said...

i just got word from katherine that the complimentary books are in the process of being sent out!!!
thanks,katherine for the update!