true & pure & fearless...

.....amy & tony's love for one another!

snapshots of the juicy details:an amazing ornament made by
kate valleroy,dangling sweetly in the center of a jasmine wreath,
"songs to fall for",an eclectic,thoughtful soundtrack of a lovelyfun evening/
the postal service-such great heights,the pogues-love you 'till
the end,lizzie west-chariots rise,damien rice-aimee,tom petty-
alright for now,joaquin phoenix/reese witherspoon-jackson,
johnny cash-ring of fire,the white stripes-hotel yorba,guns n roses-
patience,counting crows-accidentally in love,simon & garfunkel-the
only living boy in new york,the format-on your porch,bright eyes-
first day of my life,u2-running to stand still,adam sandler-grow old
with me,imogen heap-hide and seek,death cab for cutie-i will follow
you into the dark.succulent centerpieces,creations by the talented kate.
a cyber photobooth so fun!

a love meant to be.....priceless! so very happy to have been
a part of amy & tony's big event! thank-you,you rock!


Artist in Progress said...

Amy and Tony?? Did something wonderful happen I don't know about? Engaged? Married? Please share. Whatever it is I am happy for them, 2.

firstborn studio said...

hey carol!
tony & amy are friends!
tony reminds me of my tony,but he is not my son!
you will be one of the first to know when that happy day comes!
happy new year,2u!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for coming on Saturday. We had such a great time and I'm so glad that you were a part of it!
Here is a link to the pictures that were taken on the MAC. They will make you smile. :)

Artist in Progress said...

Happy New Years to you and yours. I thought for a moment it was your Tony. ooops! Thanks for straightening me out. LOL

firstborn studio said...

o my!
amy this photostream is theeee greatest!such a colorfulfun gathering of friends and family!
it was our sheer pleasure and honor to be included in your very special evening!

mizcarla said...

Hey Cupcake,
Thanks for leaving your sweet message on my blog. I replied to it, but my email to your yahoo addy was sent back. Anyhoo, just wanted to pop in and say hi, Happy New Year and I love you!!!

Like Carol I was thinking that maybe this was your Tony, but I didn't think it looked like him. Tony and Amy are a lovely couple though :D