just know this...

circa 1965,altered image 2004
happy memories are true gifts! and
photos of those memories are the tangible

meditation for the day
"life is not a search for happiness.
happiness is a by-product of living the
right kind of life,of doing the right thing.
do not search for happiness,search for
right living and happiness will be your reward.
life is sometimes a march of duty during dull,
dark days.but happiness will come again,as God's
smile of recognition of your faithfulness. true
happiness is always the by-product of a life well lived."
~twenty-four hours a day

prayer for the day
i pray that i can remember this when i am,how my friend karyl
so aptly puts it...over-dosing on life!i pray that i don't choose the
comfortable path but the right one...o' hear my prayer!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

Denise, I haven't gone to your blog for awhile, but stopped by this morning. While browsing, I saw American Art Alliance, which I was the president of, many moons ago. Lo and Behold, there is my son's friend, Tim Orikri, (Who is the sweetest person, isn't he?)
He used to sell shoes at Nieman Marcus, where my son works on the weekends.- small world !
I've got new stuff on my blog and flickr acct. come visit...

Your show looked awesome. I'll retire this year, so then I can paint and get in some shows myself... Sandy

Artist in Progress said...

Amen, friend, amen.