soooo sweet! sooo happy for tony la russa & our boys!!!!!


steph said...


Anonymous said...

I must say -- I was rooting heavily for the other team! The Tigers were outplayed however, but they are young - and there is always the next decade or two ahead! Congrats to the Cardinals!

Karyl said...

It was very exciting, wasn't it? I even felt guilty eating Little Caesar's pizza on Thursday night at Noelle's school during "Trunk or Treat".

Oh, oh...as I re-read what I wrote, that might be a bit of former Detroit resident info...the Tigers are owned by the same guy who owns Little Caesar's Pizza. They used to be owned by the guy from Domino's!

I ate it anyway.

They were fun games to watch!

Michel Murphy said...

It was great seeing how happy all the fans were. I will be sending that front page and the colorful parade photos to my sis in upstate NY. She watched all the games on the internet.

Deryn Mentock said...

Thrilling baseball! If it wasn't going to be the Astros then I was all for the Cards. Gotta love Pujols! Congratulations!!