a much needed distraction....

(copyright denise lombardozzi 2004)
...from heidi
taken a picture completely naked? no
danced in front of a mirror naked? yes...welll
told a lie? nawwwwwwww!
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes
been arrested? no
seen someone die? yes...over years
kissed a picture? yes
slept in until 5pm? yes
had sex at work? no
fallen asleep at work? no
held a snake? no,i can't even hold a book with a picture of a snake
ran a red light? not deliberately
been suspended from school? no
pole danced? no
been fired from a job? no
sang karaoke? no
done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes
laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? on a regular basis
laughed until you peed? not yet
caught a snowflake on your tongue? many
kissed in the rain? yes
had sex in the rain? no
sang in the shower? when the sun is shining
gave your private parts a nickname? nooo
ever gone to work without underwear? not deliberately
sat on a rooftop? yes
played chicken? yes
broken a bone? a few...tibia,fibula,skull
flashed someone? yes
mooned someone? yes
skinny dipped? hello,yes
shaved your head? no,but i want to.
slept naked? yes
blacked out from drinking? yes
played a prank on someone? prank implies "mean",so no.a trick or two maybe.
had a gym membership? yep
felt like killing someone? no
truly hated someone? strong,horrible emotion,but yes.
felt like smacking someone in the face? felt like and did.
cried over someone you were in love with? oh my yes.
had mexican jumping beans as pets? yes and a chia pet at that same time
been in a band? yep,singing back up while pole dancing in front of a mirror naked,with the bathroom door closed and locked.
shot a gun? no
shot a bow and arrow? yes,i took archery lessons in 1972
played strip poker? no
donated blood? no,i am anemic.
ever jump out of an airplane? no,but i've jumped out of my skin on an airplane.
been to more than 10 countries? not yet
i tag sarah,tiffini,mary beth,cindy,carol & corey


aquagirl809 said...

What a FUN distraction! A very Happy Birthday to you today, Denise!

firstborn studio said...


heidi said...

birthday? you didn't even let on one little bit! happy day, girlfriend!


oh, and p.s. thanks for playing along!

Karyl said...

Happy Birthday, Denise!

Corey said...

Happy Birthday Cutie Patootie! You tagged me but I don't know how to copy the questions - maybe for my birthday I'll be granted technological prowess...

Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

WOW,I reeaallyy feel like I know you now! Since you tagged me, I'll answer the question you probably are most interested in hearing the answer to....No, I have never pole danced. Happy, Happy Birthday!! xo Cindy

tiffinix said...

ohhh I will have to get on this! How fun! Slept in until 5pm - ahhh that sounds wonderful. Someday! Can not wait to hopefully meet you in person someday and make you laugh until something you are drinking comes out your nose!! Although I will stop short of making you laugh until you pee. . .would not want to mess up the list! XoXo
Happy Birthday as well!!! And I love the assemblage piece with the post!

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