from pat

i'm a nut for beautiful fabric,stitching and fibers and in the form
of a nifty over the shoulder bag,just big enough for my cell phone,
lipstick and a stash of atc's....i am simply giddy with joy! this
gratitude bag is absolutely stunning,as is the little book b-day
card that my dear pal pat made for me!
she also gifted me with the most elegant,delicious silken tea infusers
that i can indulge in,in this delightful "tranquili-tea" mug!
thank~you, always know what i need..gratitude & a cup of tea!

1 comment:

Artist in Progress said...

What a beautiful bag. Lucky you, you were gifted with so many beautiful things to surround yourself with. All these will make for a great surroundings for you and your creative spirit.