pure poetry

"returning" by laurie doctor (altered image by picasa2)

i am so excited to be taking part in an upcoming artful
weekend of workshops with laurie doctor ,i greatly admire
her and her work,so i was thrilled to find out about the
classes on oct 20,21 & 22! the first two days will be her
Poetry of Painting at the foundry art centre.the last day
will be the Poetry of Handwriting also at the foundry and
in partnership with rock,paper,scissors...the handwriting
class is particularly intriguing to me,i am a text,font,alphabet,
handwriting,penmanship,calligraphy sort of nut....hope to see you there!


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tiffinix said...

What a fun image! I have been so found of cowgirls and birds lately. . .must be Deb rubbing off on me. Anyway I love the layers here. I so wish I was in your neck of the woods to come to some of these!!

tiffinix said...

Oops I mean fond. . .sigh