page after page

the book i made yesterday in pat's rps workshop,the pages are
really great,as is the cover paper,each persons book "kit"
was different and filled with vibrantly patterned,colored
papers,i am going to run with the burnt orange and powder blue
for inclusions in the book...thanks for the fun pat & corey!


lindaharre said...

D. We went to the Festival of the Little Hills and I was so excited about going to Rock, Paper Scissors! Well....I guess the girls wanted to go to the fair too! I was really disappointed! I will have to venture over there again real soon. I did peek in the windows. An artist playground...ha ha....Hope you had a good week-end!

nancy said...

What an awesome book. I knew that I needed to be there. Love the pages and colors.

Becky said...

I peeked in the windows too and then we split- kraft-hell!
luv your book.