there was an unplanned dropout at the last moment.
so in true karyl fashion..she saved the day by coming up
with "stash day" to replace the missing offering for the 17th.
if you wanted to swap stashes with someone ,you needed to
create one to swap in return.
i have been waiting not so patiently to open this envelope from
pat brewer! {i knew that it was pat's because we had both
purchased this wonderful stamp set at a local convention a couple
of months ago.}
the contents of this envelope are wonderfilled,with pat's truly
stunning wax resist papers,hand carved stamped snippets and
two little of pat's famous bound butterflies and a nifty
folded/beaded beauty...i will enjoy these great goodies completely!
many thanks,pat AND to you,karyl for saving the day with this terrific idea!

p.s. pat is teaching a double-sided decorative pages bookbinding class at
rock,paper,scissors this saturday,there are a couple of spots still open and
the fesitval of the little hills will be in full swing also...make a day of it on the
st.charles riverfront!


lindaharre said...

What GREAT! Love the bright colors. I really like the idea of the recipes in the little hand made booklet! What a neat little gift for anyone! I might have to make a few of those to keep around for last minute thoughtfulness......~L.

Jane said...

I want to go to Pat's class, but I've an eye appointment that day and later will be working at the
LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL lemonade (frozen, I think) stand that is supposed to be RIGHT IN FRONT of RPS!!! So come by and buy some--even if I'm not there.

Karyl said...

Wonderful stash! Pat's papers are to die for...well, maybe not to die, but to lie down and whine!