studio friday {FaMiLY}

this week's topic suggested by ellen: FaMiLY.
"family history, things that have been passed down from one
family member to the next, family values, all influence me as
an artist, whether i'm consciously aware of it or not.i wonder
how others are influenced or inspired by their families---
either past or present. what family treasures might be found
in others' studios?"

these are three of my favorite family snapshots,in the old style.
the first is my maternal grandpa,samuel,a real character...i
thought the insect wings were suitable somehow!
next is little mary catherine,the baby of her family,my sweet momma.
lastly,flanked by all of her kids,is hilda,my maternal grandma.{who,
on june 9th celebrated her 100th birthday,under the watchful,enthusiastic
eye of her older (102) sister,sophie and our large, loving family!}

my entire family has influenced me in the past,as early as i can recall,
and continues to influence the way i create.i am blessed with tons
of old photos of family and people happy to share stories behind those pictures,
those wacky,wonderful,bitter and sweet memories fuel my creative,over
active imagination...for that i am grateful!
thanks,ellen for conjuring these recollections!



Kim Carney said...

Those are wonderful images, and memories, and your creating is a tribute to your family (history)

lindaharre said...

Love the vintage color and images....The ages amaze me!!!!!

Ellen said...

Denise, these are wonderful photos. I love the way you embellished and framed them!

Where would we be without the family of our blood and the family we discover in our beloved friends?

luv ya,

Pamela said...

I love your photographs and happy birthday to your Grandma!

Violetswalk said...

Denise, You sure have a special way of honoring your family with wonderful words and beautiful art! Once again, you have amazed me!

Artist in Progress said...

Great artwork!! Your grandmother is 100 and her sister 102, why miss denise, you should live to 125!! Hope I am still around to be your friend, love, Carol

Lisa said...

I think it is wonderful that you have incorported your family photos into your art. LOVE the wings!

Cassandra Russell said...

how wonderful that you have made these family snapshots into beautiful peices of collage artwork - functional and creative...

Going For Greatness said...

Omg these are beautiful! I love how you showcase these photos. The wings are just phenominal! LOVE this!!!
Wow.. Happy 100th to your sweet grandma and also to her 102 year old Sister!!! What a fantastic thing to have 2 centenarians in one family!!! XO XO

Becca Parson said...

These photos are beautiful - I love the embellishments and the wings do make your grandfather seem like a real character. (You have a fabulous gallery by the way!)