paste paper play

what fun!
pat had a captive classroom at rock,paper,scissors
yesterday as she wowed us all with her fabulous
no nonsense approach to making phenomenal paste papers.
the paste was flying and our creative endorphines were high...
the "o" word was mentioned and we were covered in glorious color..
oh so satisfying!
thanks to pat & corey,my classmates and all of the friends who
popped in to see what was up!
p.s. {nancy} i am working on something using "our" paper...a happy
little collaborative accident!
p.s. {ellen} i can't stop thinking of your grandson's "gift" to you! too funny!


lindaharre said...

these are stunning!!!!!WOW

tiffinix said...

Gorgeous! I so wish I was close enough to scope out the store. It always seems so amazing.

jenclair said...

I'd love to be a captive in a classroom having this much fun!

Michel Murphy said...

Now I wish I'd taken this class. So impressive. Hope they have it again some time.

Denise, It was so good to catch up with you on Saturday. It had been much too long! I stopped by hoping you'd be there and there you were! I'll be back to take part in a workshop soon.

katie said...

what beautiful papers - so much variety in color and texture. It sounds like you all had such a fun time playing!

Sofia Barao said...

wow these are BEAUTIFUL :)

Misty Mawn said...

wow...those are so awesome! Sounds like a great day!!!!

navylane studio said...

those are gorgeous papers -- the colors and textures look delicious! i can't wait to see what you make with them :)

Sarah e.Smith said...

wow...they are great the colors and textures are wonderful...i'll have to give these a try!