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do's and don'ts...a tag by heidi

i do like to sleep in.
i don't like to waste my day doing it.

i do like to have a good cry.
i don't like being snotty and stuffed up.

i do meditate daily.
i don't always see the signs.

i do carry at least 4 tubes of lipstick in my purse.
i don't carry any make-up.

i do wear a scent at all times.
i don't wear make-up.

i do like comfy,"ugly"shoes.
i don't like prissy,girly shoes.

i do love carbs.
i don't love carbs.

i do listen to music always.
i don't always like everything i hear.

i do like to travel.
i don't like to fly.

i do like to sew.
i don't like using a pattern.

i do have an epson stylus photo r320.
i don't know how to use it.

i do fear the unknown.
i don't like to stay in pain.

i do have a higher power.
i don't always turn things over to him.

i do love my daughter.
i don't always like her.

i do create everyday.
i don't always have something to show for it.

i do have tremendous common sense.
i don't have book smarts .

i do have a wonderful network of fabulous friends.
i don't spend nearly enough time with them.

i tag carol,sarah,sarah,corey,corey

take 5...a tag by sarah

five minutes to yourself: a hammock+my waterfall=power nap
five bucks to spend right now:fresh flowers
five items in your house you could part with:the tv,the
window coverings, the laundry,the telephone,the newspaper
five items you absolutely,positively could never part
with in your house:besides my soul chunky chair,
sissy the cat,the stereo,the computer,my books(these you can borrow!)
five words you love: fabulous,inspiring,smarty pants,love,enjoy

i tag becky,linda,heidi,ellen

what's In....a tag by sarah & deryn

my fridge:left over pizza,water,yogurt,cheese,cranberry juice
my closet:my new delia's t-shirt,a pile of shoes,a half dozen skirts,
moth balls, suitcases
my purse:lipstick,sak wallet,gum,cell phone,camera
my car:lots o' cd's,umbrella,zip lock full of nuts,water,larabar,change

i tag...the first person(s) to comment...c'mon!


Artist in Progress said...

what's in my fridge: diet dr. pepper, yogurt, hostess yellow cake cup cakes, champagne and strawberries!
what's in my closet: clothes, shoes, purses, junk and more junk!
what's in my purse: cell phone, altoids-licorce flavored, lipsticks,wallet, notepad and gum.
what's in my car: loose change, kleenex, umbrella, cassettes, and gas cards.

kathywas said...

Hey girl!

I loved reading your "Do's and Don'ts". Some of them were very powerful....some of them really struck home. It's surprising the things that we have in common. It's always fun to read these posts and see what makes a person "tick"!

Corey said...

I do want to play - I don't want to use the rock paper scissors blog - you see my dilema. I do have a computer - I don't know how to use it. I do need your help - I don't think we'll get to it...xoxoxo

Ellen said...

Wow........I've finally been tagged. I had to think a bit on the 5 things I could part with; I'm a "hang onto everything" kind of person!

Thanks for the fun!