2 of 3

((hannah & tony in a booth at blueberry hill))

((h & t outside of his apartment))

i spent a lovely day with 2 of 3 of my babies on saturday.
tony had recently taken an apartment above the starbuck's
on delmar in u.city and i had yet to see it,so once we took
the 10 cent tour of his very comfy cool,yet teeny abode,we hit the
heady street life that is the "loop"....there was a wonderful
pottery sale at the craft alliance and a steaming plate of red
beans and rice at blueberry hill with our names all over it,and
all kinds of music filled the chilly,windy air as we strolled from
one end to the other...i enjoyed the day thoroughly....and was given
an awesome pair of earrings by baby jane from the kiddos..a sweet
little cherry atop an already creamy day!


Violetswalk said...

Denise! What gorgeous, gorgeous babies you have!

melanie komisarski said...

what a fun day! happy belated mama's day to you!!

steph said...

oh i simply love the 'booth' photo of your kids! stunning!
so glad you had a great day

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Bella and Bello, Beau and Belle,
Hunk and Doll, Beautiful souls!

Kim Carney said...

They are both so beautiful ;)

la vie en rose said...

beautiful babies! i just love the booth pic...

Cris said...

Hey darlin' -- so good to hear that you enjoyed your special time with your kids! Sounds like you all had a super fun time. Please keep us updated. They look, and sound like a great brood!

tiffinix said...

Your kids are both gorgeous! Good band as well. ..

Michel Murphy said...

Glad to get a glimpse of your beautiful kids. Great photos. I saw Hannah with you a few years ago. How fast they grow up, huh?