thought for the day

the pondering pool


mary boyer said...

don't you just LOVE her art?! Such rich quirky detail, and the ponderings - sublime all the way around!

Kim Carney said...

I love that image and the idea behind it (or in it)

steph said...

this is very cool!!
*hey- i need you to email your address to me asap/i got your artist swap book returned today because i guess i had the wrong address!!! so sorry girl- as soon as i get your address, the book will go back out 2-day.

Violetswalk said...

Very cool illustration, Denise! This was a fun site to explore! Thanks for the link!
Take care!

tiffinix said...

Fabulous! Very surreal drawings and I love her use of color! Thank you for the link. xoxo