sweet kindnesses

my precious art sister of many years sent me the beautiful handmade card
above...i love carols style....pure and simple elegance with a touch
of good humor...she never forgets me! thank~you,c....love you!
linda,a newish sort of pal whom i feel to be a soul sister,filled my mail
box and heart with glee this week,the verrry nifty pierrot-esque clown
postcard and beautiful enameled easter pin,her thoughtful sweet tokens arrived
with a handwritten note on a magnolia leaf....tangible kindness. hugs
& more hugs to you...thanks!
and then out of the blue,from an artist named tiffini elektra x,{who i first
heard of a few years back after getting one of her fabulous "artist" atc's in
a swap,followed her,here and there in admiration},sent me these completely
wicked cool wine glass "identifiers"...a little red riding hood series,after i
commented that i loved lil' the best of all of the fairy tales{due in part to that
bitchin' red cape} after seeing her page in the 5x5 "wishes & dreams" book
swap from the creative underground that we just collaborated in together...
along with a handful of tiny buttons containing some of her collage art...all of this!
for me! tiffini rocks the bottle cap,kids! cosmic sisterhood,it's a good thing...again,
i give thanks!
just thought you should know!


Artist in Progress said...

aren't you 1 lucky chick? Chick, it being Easter season and all. What lovely gifts, I love them all, what talented gals. Love the pin and those wine glass tags - I could use 6, lol. I love you, 2. May we share many more wonderful years as art sisters, Carol

lindaharre said...

glad we all made you happy! it is always a "good thing" to put a smile on someone elses face:-) ~L.

Becky said...

i'm lovin' everythang but specially that fab pin! lucky-loo!

Lisa said...

How lucky are you to get such lovely gifts in the mail! Red Riding Hood was not really a favorite of mine, until a course in college on fairy tales. The multiple layers opened up to me and I saw a tale of reaching womanhood. Oh and the cautionary moral against promiscuity. PHHHH...still love the red cape.

la vie en rose said...

so much sweetness!

steph said...

fun! i love receiving these types of gifts....... the best of all. from the heart.