inspire me thursday,came early

"For this weeks theme we are
going to go stay right
where you are and start creating
...with your digital images."

i very simply used two stored images,
one when i was 6 and one from a section
of a collage i had made some time ago. i am
all but completely photoshop illiterate,but
i rely heavily on the techniques of picasa...
i am always happy with the results,but i would
love to stretch my wings and start cutting my teeth
on some of the "brushes" i have seen as of late!
hopefully melanie and misty can ease my pain!!!
looking forward to this challenge's results!

inspire me digitally


nancy said...

I like this, didn't know picasa could do this. Guess it's time to play again. Thank you for lighting up my life.

tiffinix said...

I love picasa - it amazes me that you can get it for free! Wonderful Denise - plus you are always smiling such a gorgeous smile! xo

la vie en rose said...

cool!! i wish i knew how to do more of thses little tricks too.

kelly said...

looks like you know what you are doing to me! the only thing i use photoshop for is scanning and photo clean up...i should be ashamed of myself!

annax said...

I am greatly looking forward to see you using brushes!


carla said...

This is a wonderful photocollage...I like the greytones...they look happy and cheerful with that smile:>

Ellen said...

Awwwww, looks like you've always been a real sweetie-pie!