corey's craft

corey dankocsik craftswoman/owner of rock,paper,scissors
......her specialties are polymer clay{*of which she is a gifted
and generous instructor}and fiber art.
you can see some of her utterly amazing clay work at the shop,and
her fabulous fiber baskets can be purchased for a song! i came home
with the sweet basket above yesterday and i will be using it to keep
my camera safe and always at the ready....
the clay rings are made from canes that are left over...clever girl,corey!
*check often for updates on class schedules!


Corey said...

You are officially the sweetest person I know - and I am so very grateful that I know you. Thank you! xoxoxo

Becky said...

cool basket! lucky dawg!

ULLA said...

Hi Denise, thanks again for your comment on my blog! So I just had a good look at your's and I see you have a shop? Trying to figure it out, and your relation to 'RockPaperScissors'? Wow you do a lot! I am adding you to my list! Will need to come back when I have more time to soak it all up...

firstborn studio said...

hi ulla..
nope,i don't have a shop!but am fortunate enough to have a dear friend who does,i teach there from time to time!

andea said...

WOWWWW! These are so very cool.

la vie en rose said...

love the bright colors!

JUST ME said...

Great basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nancy said...

Must tell, did you get the fiber basket or the clay one? Both are awesome. I really think that I need a class in the fiber one. Happy to see that you are doing the garland class. Now all I need is a word.
:) and peace

firstborn studio said...

the fiber basket is in my hot little hands...i am using it to house my digital camera,for now!
how was artfest?! can't wait to hear all obout it...soon!

nancy said...

ArtFest wasn't too shabby. John is one funny traveling partner. Classes were great. The last night was show and tell - a lot of the students put out their work - most of it was awesome. Celine is so nice. She will be teaching in Ft. Collins this weekend.

The rest when I see you - am working on an Artfest Journal.

Miss you.